Sunday, March 01, 2009

This week in 2 year oldisms

I had a bad cold this week and was dragging myself around.

James: Mommy, you need new batteries. Where do I put them? Let's look under here. (Pulls up my shirt in the back.) I'll get the screw driver! (I stopped him at that point.)

We were all playing on the bed and somehow potty humor made it's way into our lives.

James: I'm going to write a letter to Granny. "Dear Granny, I love you, from poop." (?????? Are they just born knowing bodily function jokes?)

Ben asked James what he wanted for lunch yesterday.

James: I'll have chicken nuggets, french fries, a drink, a toy and that will be all, thank you. (Ben doesn't own any Mcdonald's outfits...)

This morning in Stake Conference they were announcing some people being called to new church assignments. The Stake President said something about a Sister Carolyn something or the other.

James: Hey mommy, hey mommy, he's talking to you! (yeah, thank heavens he wasn't.)

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Chelsea said...

Haha! I would love to receive a funny letter from James like that... do send me one!