Monday, March 09, 2009

This kid is funny

I know I haven't posted pics in a million years, but we haven't taken any. So there. I do have to write down the funny things he says, though.

He helped himself to a fun size bag of skittles from the office at Church. I told him to hurry up and get in his car seat so we could leave and THEN I would open the candy for him. I got him buckled in, opened the pack, and then he popped one in his mouth. He says, "Mmm, I can taste the rainbow!" (Seriously, do they still do those ads? I don't think I've seen one for years. Where did he get that from?)

He has added a new phrase when he has to wait for something. "Oh, now I'll never get to..." Seriously cracks me up everytime. As in, "oh, now I'll never get to go to Walmart." or "Oh, now I'll never get to have dinner." All said very dramatically. Would make a teenage girl proud.

This afternoon we were playing on the wii and he did something really well. I told him, "Way to go, Schmoo!" (Our nickname for him.) He looks at me quite seriously and says, "You don't call me Schmoo, you call me James."

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Chelsea said...

Hahaha! Wow, where does he learn this stuff from?