Monday, March 16, 2009

Family Night

Most of Family Night was normalish ...but here's how it went down when we went to have lesson time:

Ben: Tonight's lesson is on...

James: No! I want to be the lesson tonight!

Ben: Ok, teach us a lesson.

James: Wait a minute, I'm thinking......(30 seconds later) Tonight the lesson is about going to the Mall. First, we go to the mall. Then we eat at Chick fil A. Then we get a balloon. Then I need ice cream. And that's how you go to the mall. (Disclaimer: we go to the mall MAYBE once a month to walk around and while it does usually lead to Chick Fil A, the other parts I have no idea what he is making up.)

(Ben and Carolyn praise James and try their very hardest not to rupture internal organs from holding in laughter.)

James: Ok, Daddy, now it's your turn to teach us a lesson.

Ben: Ok, tonight's lesson is on the Priesthood. (Teaches a short and simple lesson, highlights blessings for when you are sick... follows up with a few questions.) So James, what can Daddy do to help you when you are not feeling well?

James: You can give me Jelly Beans.

(Ben and Carolyn smile again, sigh, and reteach.)

James: Mommy, now it's your turn to teach us a lesson.

Carolyn: Ok, um, tonight's lesson is on...


Carolyn: Ok, sure, Baptism is when .....(teach previous lesson on Baptism. Then I decided to expand a bit...) After you are baptized, you will also get a very special blessing so that you can have the Holy Ghost be with you all the time...Then

James: (Crying) I don't want a ghost! I don't want a Ghost! I'm scared!

Carolyn: It's not a scary ghost, it's actually a help...

James: No ghosts at all! I don't want any help! (Crying goes to wailing.)

Ben: It's a good thing, James, it's more like a spirit...

James: NO! I don't want it! (Wailing)

Carolyn: Ok, who wants treats?

Yeah, that stopped the mayhem.

And that, my friends, is a model Family Night. (Snort) They're probably going to ask us to do videos for the church and everything. (Crying from so much laughing) The only thing missing was Jello.


rhonda said...

That is so funny! I guess when you think about it, who wants a scary ghost hanging around you all the time, not me! LOL, good times, I'm sure he'll get over that. :) :)

Elaine said...

Too funny. We've had some issues with kids being scared by the holy ghost concept, too.

Nathan Bond said...