Monday, March 09, 2009


Do you ever have the irresistible urge to give advice to someone, even when they haven't asked for it? Well, I'm actually asking everyone to open up and spew forth their comments. Tell me anything and everything you've ever wanted to tell someone about Potty Training.

We're going to start potty training James for real after our long road trip. We're kinda practicing right now, but want to do it for real after we get back. Please, pretty please, tell me what I should know!

Let me give you a few particulars...

*He is TOO BIG for a potty chair (already tried that out) so we have to do it on the toilet.

*We have a cushy seat to put on top of the toilet to make it smaller for him, and he is NOT afraid of the flushing.

* I have no problem bribing/rewarding with candy, stickers, larger rewards after a while, whatever.

*I will have 2 weeks off after our road trip is done.

* If we put him on the toilet and tell him to pee, he can pretty much do it on demand.

* I've never read any books on the subject, so if there's something I should know, or something that worked great for you, PLEASE TELL ME!


Deni said...


When we potty trained Ryan we called Thomas the Tank Engine, Batman, etc. They all told him how excited they were that he went potty in the toilet. We had potty parties after he would go.

When we potty trained Sydney we called Princesses.

Having said that I don't know that any of it worked, but the kids were excited to call their favorite super hero/princess/train.

The ultimate for potty training Ryan was when Sydney was born. He no longer wanted to be a baby like his sister so underwear it was.

The ultimate for Sydney was a trip to the a neighbors house one Sunday afternoon. There were several girls playing together and they wouldn't let Sydney play because she was a 'diaper girl'. She came home that day and said "Mom, I'm not a diaper girl, I'm a panty girl." That's what did it.

Good luck.

Karla said...

Good Luck. . . you are one step ahead of me on this one. Let me know how it goes.

Sandy said...

I learned how NOT TO potty train with Heather. The other children were all potty trained before they were 2-years-old (night and day) in less than a week. Call me if you want and I'll tell you all I know.

Anonymous said...

Carolyn, The best book I've read is "Toilet Training In One Day Or Less". The idea is you create hype prior to the big day (sounds like you are already there) and on The Day, you set aside EVERYTHING else. Unplug your phone, don't leave the house, etc. Each kiddo is different, but it is has a pretty successful following. Good luck. Diapers are not something I miss. :-) Love, Chris

Jenny said...

Sounds like you're almost there. Our potty training endeavors were a disaster, so you don't want my advice.

J & K Shapiro said...

I also read and used "Toilet Training in One Day or Less" with Evie. Recommended to me by a sister in our ward that had used it with her four kids. Eve wasn't really trained completely in one day but it got us over the big hump; she knew how to go and had it mastered quicker than my first try at potty training. I outlined it out so that I would know what to say, and got a doll off ebay. Let me know if you want to borrow the peepee doll. Eve's responses were so funny: "I don't want to practice anymore!" Practicing is a big aspect of it and I think she got tired of the word and actually practicing.
Good luck! My mom says potty training and teaching how to drive are two of the biggest testers of your patience. Maybe James will be a natural!

Anonymous said...

I have tried several ways. Here are some things to keep in mind.
--They need to be able to take their clothes off. But then they never keep them on for about 1 year.
--Make sure you are potty training them not you. Let them be the guide, but it sounds like James would not let it be any other way.
--With bigger boys they usually can handle sitting on a regular seat with little problem. If so sit them backwards. They can hold on to the seat and feel safe until they are ok with front ways.
--Remember it takes LOTS of LOVE and PATIENCE.

With Zach I ordered Potty Training in Three Days on line. Some of the things I didn't agree with 100% but overall I thought it was great. It worked. We are still working on night time. There are too many genes working against us. We both have siblings and 3 of our children have struggled with that one. You may experience that too. If you have questions please feel free to ask.:D Debbie

Journey Rocks! said...

I waited until my kids were ready; unfortunately my little boy was almost 4 by the time he had it "down pat". I watched my sister-in-law try with her kids and it was like she was potty training herself -- lots of messes and lots of unhappiness. I encouraged all I could and when the time was right, it just happened.

Ann said...

We are in the middle of this with Colin. Our doctor said the average age for boys in 3.5 so James seems very normal, even young to train. Colin is great with pee pee, but tells us his poopy is not ready. We have used treats, but our doctor said to get non-treat rewards so off to the dollar store I went (little cars, spinny tops, water guns,a jump rope, a kite, easter eggs, etc) and Colin is having a great time getting his pee pee toys. He had a big toy he picked out at Target for when he puts his poopy in the potty. Since the poopy is a problem, we still wear pull ups sometimes, but as much as possible big boy pants are best. When there is an accident they need to feel that it is uncomfortable and again, our doctor said that when there is an accident you need to practice with them up to 5 times what they need to do to prevent the accident. Have you tried food coloring in the water? Danal taught us that trick and Colin does like to turn blue water green. I know it is annoying but I really believe it cannot be forced, he will do it when he is ready. Good luck, and good luck to me too. Today Colin yelled to me "there is poopy in the stairs!" since his poopy had come out of his pull up. Great.

Jen said...

Whoever said each were different is so right! All three of mine were different. Anna was a challenge, but we finally encouraged her with games. Ella basically taught herself. She just hollered at me one day that she "was done" and that was it! Brennan, well I thought he might have to start kindergarten in a pull up. Granted, we had some major life changes that took place while he was potty training, but eventually he got the idea. I truly believe that when the child is ready, he or she will do it. And we never did use a potty chair-just the regular potty.