Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Family Birthday

(If someone can tell me how to rearrange pics in the order I want them after I've uploaded them to Blogger, do be a dear and TELL ME! )

Granny covering James' eyes to hide the surprises.
Opening something.
Sitting proudly on his Birthday Bicycle. It's the last time he's been on it. He's way afraid of it :(

Cheesy family time.

Cheesy James time.

Blowing out the candles

Other cheesy people.

James with one of his favorite presents. It's a giant 24 piece puzzle.


Deni said...


Once you have uploaded your picture, highlight the one that you want to move and press Cntrl X to cut the picture. Put your cursor where you want the picture, and then press Cntrl V. It should paste it right in.

Good luck.



Karla said...

so sweet! Thanks for posting the pictures.