Saturday, April 18, 2009

Our little boy just turned 3!!!!! Here are some of my not-so-lovely pics from the party at the park that we had for him. He chose "Bob the Builder" this year.

Bob is just like one of the family now.

We couldn't light any candles at the park because of the hurricane type winds we were experiencing. I told him we'd have real candles on his real birthday. He wasn't amused.

The stupid wind was blowing so hard that it knocked over every kid's cup of water, half of their food plates, an industrial size garbage can, and the cake. (It blew the last 1/3 of the cake off the table once we had cut it and passed it out. The box saved it-well kind of.) The table cloth below kept taking flight.

Some of James' friends and mamas.

James taking his turn at whacking Bob.

James' initial reaction to the Bob pinata. I felt that way too as I was sawing into him the night before to fill him. It was stuffed with newspapers from Juarez and I was sure that a kilo of some illegal substance was going to come pouring out. Add that to last year's mari*juana in the garden scare...

The cake that I DID'T make, but should have.


Chris said...

Looks like great fun. Your folks live a whole three blocks from me, but seeing these pictures makes me miss them. I hate that they aren't in my ward anymore so I rarely see them. That James is a lucky boy!

Jenny said...

At least none of the kids blew away, right?