Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Latest

We went over to walk around the mall this evening.

James: What does that sign say?

Me: Barnes and Noble Booksellers

James: That's a NAUGHTY word!

Me: What word?


Me: Um, are you sure?

James: Yeah, trust me.


Later, inside the mall

Me: Ooh, I like this***. Tell Daddy to buy it for me for Mother's Day.

James: But when is James' Day?

Me: Every day is James' Day.

James: Yeah, I like that.

***Is something I want, which Ben will have to drag James around the mall in hopes of finding with a 3 year old's description. Hee hee hee!

Tonight, around the dinner table.

Everyone: chat chat chat chat chat

James: Barack Obama came to my nursery yesterday.

Me: Oh really? What did he do?

James: He talked.

Me: What else did he do?

James: He sang the "lead me guide me walk beside me" song.

Me: Uncontrollable laughter

Ben: You better go put that on the Blog. Your parents are gonna LOVE that.


Sandy said...

In light of the news from the White House in recent days, I can't even get my brain around the "lead me, guide me. . ." stuff!

Jenny said...

That kid has some original ideas in his head!

Chelsea B. said...

What in the world?

I hope that in a hundred years, when I have a kid, that they'll be as funny as James is.