Tuesday, April 07, 2009

If you don't care about potty training, then skip this post.

Well, seven days of potty training done here. No poops in the potty yet. He was doing well with pee until today. We hadn't had a pee accident since last Thursday, and then he had 3 today. Is that normal?

One of the pee incidents today was funny--but we didn't treat it as funny here-I don't want a repeat.

James had been playing with his big Aquadoodle mat and dumping the water from his pens onto it. Next thing I know, I walk into the room and he is standing on it, peeing, watching his pee hit the mat. I say, "JAMES! What are you doing?" His answer, "It turns blue like the water, mommy, see!" Good grief.


Elaine said...

Hee! Yes, one of those funny but not stories. I think a little regression is normal -- maybe their way of testing us to see if we are really serious about this or if we'll just give up. Don't give up!

Journey Rocks! said...

One time during potty training season, I caught little Adian urinating on the gas fireplace (it is a freestanding one with glass covering the logs). I asked him what the heck he was doing and he told me it looked like a boys toilet -- (a urinal in the boys room). Ugh.... Kids! ;)

Melodie said...

yea just wait until he decides to stand up and pee into the cup holder in the back seat of the car while you are pumping gas! (like your favorite red-headed nephew). You have ton's of urinary surprises ahead of you!