Monday, August 04, 2008

The artist in our residence

When I came home from running errands, Ben said James had drawn a picture of me. He took a pic to show me because he knew I would want to see it and wouldn't believe it. Isn't it AWESOME!!!?? My little James drew this at 27 months. (Just ignore the tumor in my neck!) He is also way obsessed with something Granny showed him how to do: She taught him how to draw with yellow crayon and then color over it with blue to make green. He is constantly running around the house YELLING, "YELLOW AND BLUE MAKE GREEN!" I would show him that the baggies do that too, but he would probably implode.

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Journey Rocks! said...

Wow! The resemblance is incredible! (LOL) What a great picture. I absolutely love kids' art work.