Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Recommendation for traveling toddlers and little kids:

When we traveled this Summer, we stayed in a lot of different places. I knew we would need something for James to sleep on since the pack n play is waaaay too small for the boy. I researched online and found this inflatable from aerobed. It is a kidsized airbed that sort of resembles a raft--it has raised sides so that the kids can't roll off. James LOVED his 'vacation bed' and slept so well in it no matter where we were. It comes with a pump and a fleece cover and it all fits in a normal sized backpack (included). It has rave reviews on Amazon, and we love it too!

Oh, and Mcdonalds needs to stop pretending that they are like Chick-fil-A. As if.

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Ann said...

Yes, this is the bed we bought last Fall for Colin in our travels and he loves it. He calls it his "twinkle star bed". And when it recently got a leak it patched up easily.