Saturday, August 16, 2008

You know what our town needs?

A giant piece of fly paper in the sky. Our city has an OUT OF CONTROL fly problem right now. I have never seen such a thing in all my days nor do I hope to see it ever again! They are everywhere! Anytime we come in or out of the apartment 3 or 4 get in despite our pick up James and run method. They are inside the grocery stores, mall, schools, etc. GROSS GROSS GROSS! Forget mosquitos, kill the stupid flies already. Ugh.

And now the kid loves play dough! He sits for an hour at a time rolling and squishing a molding and whatever else he can manage. People keep telling me that they prefer the homemade stuff, but no one has produced a recipe yet...

And to win the parents of the year award: We sold James' Christmas present from last year. On Craig's List. We bought him a nice, big spring horse and he rarely used it. It was taking up valuable space in our living room, which would be fine if he loved it, named it George, petted it, pretended to feed it carrots, rode him all the time, brushed his silky coat, shoed him, etc. But he didn't. He would sit on him about once a week and that would do. Finally after a month someone was interested and was willing to pay what we wanted. I was freaked out about the whole online internet stalker killer craze (its all in my head, you know) So I made Ben load that monster up, and meet the lady in the parking lot of a convenience store. The sight of Ben in a empty parking lot probably was enough to make the lady rethink getting out of her mini van, but all went well and we earned some money back.

James has never, not once, mentioned the absence of that horse.


Karla said...

Good for you!

Journey Rocks! said...

Peanut Butter Play Dough

peanut butter (creamy)
non-fat dry milk

Mix 8 oz. peanut butter, 3T honey, and 1cup dry milk add the dry milk gradually until the mixture is a dough like consistency.

-- or --

Salt and Alum Modeling Dough

1 cup flour

1 cup salt

1 rounded tsp of alum

1/3 to 1/2 cup water at room temperature

Mix dry ingredients. Slowly add the water until you get a desirable consistency. Knead until clay-like.