Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Isn't synchronized diving the coolest event ever? I have never seen it before and I love it! James will even sit there and watch the divers and whine about the commercials in between.

In other news, this has not been my favorite week. Girl issues (read: not pregnant), Podiatrist cut and burned 12 (yes twelve) plantar warts out of the bottom of my foot and it HURTS to do anything standing, Root canal today was a thrill, swamp cooler issues, and I went back to work. Ugh. I would say I want a do-over, but then I would have to live through it all again. Come on weekend!

My job is newish. I'm still teaching English to Adults and working for the community college, but now I am doing it at an Elementary School as part of the Even Start program. Even Start is Head Start with a crucial difference: Your child can only be accepted into Even Start if you commit to coming to school all day too. While your child (or baby) is in the preschool from 9:00 til 2:30, you are in required classes: GED, Computer Literacy, Parenting, and ESL (if necessary). I think it is an awesome program that changes the lives of those who commit to it. I teach 4 days a week for 2 1/2 hours and go to a meeting on Friday. I'm not thrilled to be working daily, but I am excited to work with this program. We shall see.

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